• How to Make Your Brow Tint Last!

    How to Make Your Brow Tint Last!

    Eye brow tinting is one of the most popular face services, not surprising seeing as though your brows can shape and transform your entire face. We look at ways to make your brow tint last!

  • How to Nourish your Natural Nails this Winter

    How to Nourish your Natural Nails this Winter

    Winter is the season when natural nails tend to take a hit! From dry cuticles to breakage, winter weather can leave your nails feeling fragile. It’s important to take the time to treat your nails to the TLC they deserve to keep them looking alive all season long!

    The most important product many ladies neglect is cuticle oil! Healthy nails start at the base and keeping your cuticle hydrated sets the perfect stage! Anytime your nails are feeling dry apply a small amount of nourishing oil to the cuticle. You’ll notice a big difference in no time!

    The second most important product we recommend is an amazing Keratin treatment like Morgan Taylor’s Daily Elixir! Much like the popular Keratin treatments for hair, this product repairs damage and helps to protect from the elements!

    Keep your nails looking summer fresh with the proper care this winter!

  • Make it Matte: Try Out a New Top Coat!

    Make it Matte: Try Out a New Top Coat!

    Do you have a signature shade you just know you’ll love every time you walk out of the salon? Having a go-to colour guarantees you’ll get the nail satisfaction you need every time! However, rocking the same shade over and over again can get a little stale! If you’re looking to switch things up without having to part from your perfect colour, we’ve got the solution for you - switch up your top coat to transform your staple shade!

    Next time you come in to get your nails nurtured, ask your tech to try out a matte top coat! Matte top coat is a trendy way to take your nails from dull to diva! We love matte for its ability to transform your favourite shade into a brand new look! This top coat will take your nails from a jelly gloss finish to a chic chalkboard inspired look! Matte is perfect for toning down a bright bold shade or perfecting your favourite shade of pastel. You’ll be amazed how dif