Do you have a signature shade you just know you’ll love every time you walk out of the salon? Having a go-to colour guarantees you’ll get the nail satisfaction you need every time! However, rocking the same shade over and over again can get a little stale! If you’re looking to switch things up without having to part from your perfect colour, we’ve got the solution for you - switch up your top coat to transform your staple shade!

Next time you come in to get your nails nurtured, ask your tech to try out a matte top coat! Matte top coat is a trendy way to take your nails from dull to diva! We love matte for its ability to transform your favourite shade into a brand new look! This top coat will take your nails from a jelly gloss finish to a chic chalkboard inspired look! Matte is perfect for toning down a bright bold shade or perfecting your favourite shade of pastel. You’ll be amazed how different your colour can look just by taking on a new top coat!

Choose a matte top coat if you need a new twist on the shades you've been rocking!

Pro Tip: Matte top coat will make your nails a bit more susceptible to smudging or staining. Be extra nice to your nails for the first few hours after you leave the salon to make sure they have a chance to lock and load!