There’s something about a brow tint that makes you feel like a babe! It’s a small service that delivers an instant confidence boost. Did you know that professional products are just one factor when it comes to lasting brow colour? Whether you prefer tinting or henna dye, make the most of your mini makeover by rocking the right aftercare!

Our number one piece of advice we give clients who want longer lasting colour is to let them rest! If you want to see your tint live long and proper, make sure you steer clear of facial scrubs and super hot water for the first few hours after tinting! This gives the colour the time it needs to properly set and sink in.

We also recommend going a teeny tiny bit darker than you naturally would! Ask your esthetician to leave the colour on for a fraction longer to give you a little more pigment. Don’t worry, your brows will still fade to the beautiful shade you’re used to, this tip simply buys you an extra day or two with your killer brow colour!