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Victoria’s Secret Models Are Bronzed at the London Fashion Show 2014

Aside from the fancy lingerie, the Victoria’s Secret London Fashion Show 2014 instantly became the hottest fashion show of this year—all thanks to its gorgeously bronzed angels. The show was a parade of top fashion models with bouncy blow dries, delicate makeups, long limbs, and sun-kissed tans, but if you’re thinking that these level of gorgeous is only for these models, then don’t give up hope just yet.

VS Angels

If all you want for Christmas is to look like Karlie, Candice, Alessandra, and Adriana? Here’s a hint: beautician to the stars (with clients that include Kim Kardashian), Jimmy Coco estimates that over 40 cans or 3.5 litres of fake tan was used on the models. There’s actually a way to make your beauty wishes come true. Follow these simple tips and get your bod beautifully bronzed in no time at all.

To achieve flawless tan, you need to have the perfect canvas. That’s why prepping your skin is so important. Apply a gentle exfoliator the day before your scheduled tan. Pay attention to your dry areas, which could be your elbows, knees, and feet. Use a gentle body scrub on these areas to ensure an even finish and to leave your skin silky and smooth. Or, you can book a body scrub session on your favourite salon.

If you need to wax or shave, make sure that you get it done the day before your scheduled tan. After waxing or shaving, apply a soothing body lotion. This is to allow the skin to recover and to make sure that any wax or unwanted pesky hair has been removed.

Do a last minute prep and give your skin thorough hydration and a hit of freshness by applying a light layer of aloe moisturising lotion from CND to your hands, elbows, knees and feet. This is to prevent any tan from sticking to these areas.

Now that you’re ready to get your tan on, choose the right shade of tan for you. St. Tropez has a complete line of light to dark tan solutions that provide streak-free tan. So easy to apply too! Also, take note of these important reminders: Apply fake tan in circular motions as it applies evenly this way. Also, when you are doing fake tan on your own work your way from your toes to your head and not the other way around. This is to prevent creases and uneven marks when you bend over.

Finish your tan off with an illuminator like the St. Tropez Skin Violet Illuminator to highlight and contour. Its light-reflecting property will create a flawless finish to your tan. Glide it over your collarbones, cheekbones, arms and shins and blend it in with the palm of your hand.


Model-esque glowing bronzed skin—check!

Now that you’re beauty wishes are covered, you can now have your very own envy-inducing pictures!



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