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Holiday Nail Polish Hues That You Should Try This Holiday Season

Holiday Nail Colour

Here you are again, mulling over the colours of nail lacquers, wondering which one to wear. And just like what always happen, after spending a good hour thinking and deciding on a colour, you end up getting reverting to your go-to colour. Whatever your go-to colour would be, this season’s new colour lineup are too good to pass up. Certainly there’s one that would upstage your old go-to colour. It’s time for you to pick a new one. Odyssey Nails holds a treasure trove for nail polish lovers like you.

If you’re still thinking about which nail colour to wear, ere’s the latest update to nail colour trends.

Fire up metallics are major this season. Get your molten sheen of metallic beauties with these colours: Radiance from OPI Designer Collection, Gun Metal from Layla, and Amazon On…Amazon Off from OPI Brazil Collection. Metallic teal, bronze and silver grey are so ‘in’ this holiday season.

OPI Radiance OPI Amazon Layla Gun Metal

If neutrals are your go-to colour, they don’t need to be boring. Mudhattan by Layla, Indian Tan by Misa, and Le Beauty Nail Polish 063 offer a nice treat to ladies with more dainty taste.

Layla MudhattanMisa Indian TanLe Beauty Nail Polish 063


Be adventurous and try to be girly with shades of purple. Plugged In-Plum, Significant Other, and Purple with a Purpose shades by OPI have got your fab purple fix all covered.


And to match the festive and celebratory mood of the holidays, stay classic with shades of red. Go for the hot vampy shades of Le Beauty Nail Polish 023, OPI Brazil Collection’s Red Hot Rio, and Misa Chrysler Red

Le Beauty Nail Polish 023OPI Red HotMisa Red

There’s a whole lot of ways to be merry when it comes to your nail colour options. So go on and have fun trying out these shades as you spread the holiday cheers.



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