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Hair and Eyebrow Colours — Should They Match?


Are you one of those who wonder if hair and brow colour should match? It is a known fact that eyebrows bring an amazingly powerful impact on the overlook of the face. So the crucial question for women who change their hair colour is: Should I dye my brows the same shade as my hair colour? The answer would depend on how intense your new colour is and the natural shade of your eyebrow.

The hair and brow must blend together to achieve a unified look that appears natural. You wouldn’t want to have a jet-black eyebrow to go with your new bleached blond hair. Unmatched brow and hair colours are obviously an unusual and unnatural hair colour. Therefore it is a MUST that you consider dyeing your eyebrows too when you colour your hair. We highly recommend that this be done by a professional eyebrow specialist. If you’re the type who doesn’t fancy dyeing your brows but would want to achieve a cohesive look that matches your newly acquired hair colour, you can opt for an eye shadow or an eyebrow pencil.

As a general rule, if your hair is dark you must keep your brows one shade lighter and, if your hair is light your brows must be one shade darker too. Please note that brows and hair colour need NOT match exactly because that doesn’t happen naturally.

To help you find the right hair and brow colour combination for you, we included a handy Hair-Brow-Skin Colour Chart below. First, find the row that best matches your skin tone, then cross-reference it with the row the best matches your hair colour. You have to consider whether your undertones are warm, cool or neutral. Then there you will know your ideal brow shade.


There are a few things that you must know when referring to this handy chart. The colour suggested in each square is NOT a hard rule but rather an option for you to take.

Once you have done the above steps and have arrived to your ideal box on the chart, you can choose either of the shades (warm or cool) because these two will work for you. Warm or cool tone will depend on the look you would want to achieve; hence the darker shade in the square will give you more depth and a more dramatic look while the lighter shade offers a more natural brow.

You should also factor in the natural shade of your arches when deciding the final colour for your brows. A lighter brow shade looks more natural because it fades by filling in the gaps between your natural brow hairs but not to the extent of overshadowing it.

By sticking to the basic rules and tips above will keep your hair and brow colour scheme looking really natural, like you were born with it.



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