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Top Beauty Gifts for Christmas

Every December when Christmas Eve is just around the corner, tons of beauty products are bought as gift for a special someone. Beauty and cosmetics are among the top products apart from kid’s toys that are popular during the holiday … Continue reading

Liquid Hand and Body Washes Hygienic Advantages

Liquid hand and body washes have become one of the prominent hygienic solutions ever since it was introduced. Indeed, bar soap is still the most used bathing product because it cost less than liquid soaps, but more and more people … Continue reading

Controlling Greasy and Sticky Hair

The roots of our hair have special glands that excrete natural oil to make it shiny, but the natural oil production could be excessive for other people, thus making hair too greasy and sticky when left unattended for long. Combating … Continue reading

Generalizing Health Levels through Your Nails

The eyes are the windows to the soul, and so are your fingernails. Nails can also show the overall health level of a person. Nails that are durable and flexible, pinkish and vibrant, show that a person is generally healthy. … Continue reading

How to have a Stunning Radiant Skin

  Having a radiant skin is not rocket science. It involves healthy habits in keeping good health and beauty regimens. If you find yourself having a rough and less vibrant skin, then this advice will surely improve the texture and … Continue reading

Natural Cure to Keep Nails Shiny

  If you find yourself out of nail polish and do not have time to go to the salon to buy one, then there is no need to worry. A natural cure to keep nails shiny is readily available at … Continue reading

Runway Manicure You Need to Copy

The models and their nails. More than the clothing line, runway enthusiasts are excited about the nail art designs that adorn the beautiful hands of runway models. The same way that designers get us excited showcasing their talents and skills … Continue reading

What You Need to Know Before an Eyebrow Wax

  Forget everything you know about beauty. One thing you should know is that if you mess up the shape of your eyebrows, nothing you can do can fix it—at least this rings true for about a few days after … Continue reading

How to Remove Nail Polish Spill

It could be your carpet or your newly bought suede jacket. The victims of your clumsy encounters with your bottle of nail polish could easily trash your lush carpet and other expensive items. Nail polish stains are arguably the most … Continue reading

10 Bad Beauty Habits Resolved

You may or may not know it but there are some common habits that can actually ruin your natural beauty. Your hair, your nails, and your skin often get damaged by these seemingly innocent habits, and by the time the … Continue reading

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