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Gel nails are a dream come true for girls who love perfectly pretty fingertips. These artificial nails add a pop of color with a mirror-like smoothness that lasts for up to a couple of weeks without chipping. What’s more, they … Continue reading


Luscious nails need all the help they can get from your trusted nail salon but sometimes, manicure related mishaps happened when you’re in between visits. Don’t let a chipped nail or dried out cuticles stop you from having fab nails! … Continue reading

Hair and Eyebrow Colours — Should They Match?

Are you one of those who wonder if hair and brow colour should match? It is a known fact that eyebrows bring an amazingly powerful impact on the overlook of the face. So the crucial question for women who change … Continue reading

5 Crazy Nails Shapes That You Must Try!

Tired of the usual round and square nail shapes that you interchangeable have every week? Let us give you some new ideas on how you’ll flatter your nails better – not only through well-trimmed nail beds and amazing nail polishes … Continue reading

Frame Your Eyes through Eyebrow Tinting

Appropriate shaping of eyebrows can efficiently frame your features. Not everyone is gifted with perfectly shaped eyebrows. However, you can shave and/or pluck it, to give a dramatic effect, balancing your entire face and framing your eyes. But you have … Continue reading

Nail Looks Awful… Is it a Fungal Infection?

Our nails are susceptible to different kinds of infection that lead to abrupt changes – horrible and yucky, yes, that’s plausible. If your nails look different, there’s a huge percentage that it is caused by a fungal infection that is … Continue reading

Acrylic Nails – Why should you have it?

  An acrylic nail is among the newest trends in the beauty industry these days as it makes the nails stronger. People who have brittle nails usually opt for this type of artificial treatment as a form of protection. There … Continue reading

Thank You Australia – Celebrating 40 Years of Vietnamese Immigrants living in Australia (1975-2015)

  OdysseyNails has recently combined with other successful Vietnamese owned businesses to launch a project called “Thank You Australia” at Crown Resorts in Melbourne, on January 12th 2015. The event was to celebrate the 40th anniversary of peaceful settlement of Vietnamese Immigrants … Continue reading

Holiday Nail Polish Hues That You Should Try This Holiday Season

Here you are again, mulling over the colours of nail lacquers, wondering which one to wear. And just like what always happen, after spending a good hour thinking and deciding on a colour, you end up getting reverting to your … Continue reading

Victoria’s Secret Models Are Bronzed at the London Fashion Show 2014

Aside from the fancy lingerie, the Victoria’s Secret London Fashion Show 2014 instantly became the hottest fashion show of this year—all thanks to its gorgeously bronzed angels. The show was a parade of top fashion models with bouncy blow dries, … Continue reading

Make your neglected feet claim its right to be pampered too by trying our new Pedi Spa whirlpool. Designed with...

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At Odyssey Nails we offer a comprehensive set of beauty services such as eyelash and eyebrow tinting. Comments...

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