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Luscious nails need all the help they can get from your trusted nail salon but sometimes, manicure related mishaps happened when you’re in between visits. Don’t let a chipped nail or dried out cuticles stop you from having fab nails! Instead, consider these five nail care hacks for when you can’t go to your nail lady just yet:

1. Wear Glover to Prevent Split Nails

Split finger nails are both annoying and painful sometimes so you always have to protect your hands. Wear rubber or latex gloves for when you need to wash the dishes or do your laundry. Trust us, you’ll not only prevent cracked nails but you’ll also keep your manicure as pristine as ever.

2. Revive Dried Out Cuticles with an Overnight Remedy

But don’t turn to chemicals that might end up drying them up even more. Instead, do this trick before going to bed: heat together three tablespoons of hand lotion and one table spoon of olive oil until just warm and apply it to clean cuticles and nail beds. Put on a pair of gloves and then hit the sack. In the morning, you’ll find your nails are soft and moisturized.

3. Mend a Broken Nail with Objects You Have at Home

Much like split nails, broken finger nails are painful and bothersome too. Don’t bite or rip off that piece of broken nail if you can’t visit your nail lady yet. Instead, use a piece of teabag and some nail glue for painless repair.

4. Repair Chipped Polish with Some Glitter

Chipped polish is difficult to avoid even if your nail lady is the best in the world. If you can’t visit the salon yet, try applying a coat of glitter polish over your chipped polish to make it an accent nail.

5. Cut Hang Nails

As annoying as hang nails might be, don’t be tempted to repeatedly pick at it as you’ll probably end up breaking your skin. Instead, use a nail clipper or cuticle scissors to gently remove it.

Now wasn’t that simple? Now you’ll never have to let nail mishaps stop you from sporting pretty fingers until you next salon visit. Speaking of which, don’t forget to book an appointment at Odyssey Nails for fabulously lush and trendy nails!



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