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5 Crazy Nails Shapes That You Must Try!

Tired of the usual round and square nail shapes that you interchangeable have every week? Let us give you some new ideas on how you’ll flatter your nails better – not only through well-trimmed nail beds and amazing nail polishes (even nail arts!) that you think are enough to make your hands healthy and glamorous!

Here are the 5 unusual yet flattering nail shapes that you must try on your next visit to Odyssey Nails.

Ballerina Nails 


Also known as coffin nails (yea, a bit creepy so let’s rather call it Ballerina), this type of nail shape is tapered and squared on the tips. This is ideal for people who have strong nail shapes because of the design that may be susceptible to damages.


Duck Feet Nails 


Duck feet-shaped nails have hit the latest trend these days. Some people are quire negative about the idea saying that it’s not really appealing, but to those who enjoy trying out crazy ideas, well, duck feet nails are surely something that must be tried, especially that it accentuates nail arts better because of its wide area.


Edge Nails


Edge nails look like a rooftop, actually. It is a mixture of square and stiletto wherein the edgy area begins at the end area instead of the nail beds. This design is ideal for people who have tough nails because it is a bit tricky to maintain, especially that the tip is a bit susceptible to breakage.


Lipstick Nails


Based on the name itself, it looks like the tip of our best friend – our favorite makeup – lipstick! If you have slender fingers and narrow nail beds, lipstick nails will really work on you. And last but not the least…


Stiletto Nails


Vampy. Crazy. Beautiful! Stiletto nails are indeed wild and fun to try! The tips are really pointy, you have to be very careful not to scratch someone’s arms or prick someone’s eyes!



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