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Monthly Archives: February 2014

Nail Polish Storage Ideas

Women take pride on how they keep their nail polish fresh and up to date and so it’s no wonder that bottles and bottles of nail lacquer could accumulate in their drawers or dressers. Proper storage is important in keeping … Continue reading

Bikini Wax Style For Women

  Although the experience is a tad painful, having a bikini wax brings a lot of great benefits compared to other hair removal procedures. For one thing, it can be done in a number of styles, which of course caters … Continue reading

Make your neglected feet claim its right to be pampered too by trying our new Pedi Spa whirlpool. Designed with...

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At Odyssey Nails we offer a comprehensive set of beauty services such as eyelash and eyebrow tinting. Comments...

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Odyssey Nails is also a home to great waxing treatment for both Men and Women. Experience smooth and silky skin...

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